National Ninja League
Youth Qualifiers
July 21, 2017

This year we are hosting NNL youth qualifiers! There will be three different age groups! Just like the adult division the males and females will be running the same course! However, the genders will be ranked separate! This means we will have a male and female champion for each age division!  The registration fee is $40.

There will be 3 waves with start times at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm. It is first come, first served so register for the wave you prefer before it fills up.

The youth division will consist of the following age groups:

Kids: Age 6-8


Preteens: Age 9-12


Teens: Age 13-17


The competitor's age on March 31, 2018 will decide what age category they fall into.

For more information about the NNL Youth League, click here.

National Youth Qualifier Rules:

Children must compete in their given age group. The course will consist of 10-20 obstacles max. The course must have upper body and lower body elements. The top 3 athletes will be the 3 males and
3 females  that completed the course in the fastest time or who went the furthest the fastest will qualify for the National Finals.

Competitors can compete in multiple qualifiers in order to get ranked higher on our National Ranking System but cannot double qualify for an event. In the event a competitor makes the top 3 more then once his/her qualifying spot will simply go to the next best competitor.